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ameritas dental¬†money on an hourly basis now of course I’m not counting the value of the perks that your day job also gives you which are significant but I’m stating this for the sake of illustration oftentimes when

We think about what opportunities ameritas dental should we pursue it can be sometimes easy to look pure ly at the raw dollar amounts that our various projects are pulling in and not contextualize those dollar amounts with regard to the amount of time or effort that we are investing in order to receive.

ameritas dental
ameritas dental

That payment and so where I’m going with this is that since it sounds as though your side Hustle is quite lucrative and has some pretty significant upward potential you might want to double down on it

I mean you could use your savings to further capitalize that business expand hire people double down on the marketing do whatever it is that you need to do in order to grow the revenue from

that side hustle could you double that next year I mean I don’t know I don’t know the details of that side business but you do you I think you’ve probably got a pretty good sense of the potential for growth that that side hustle has and so if it can grow and if 0

Further capitalizing that business is a way in which you can accelerate that growth then that would be an excellent use of that gap between what you’re making and what you’re spending option number four amp up the contributions to your

retirement accounts you mentioned that you invest ten percent of your income into your k are you able to contribute more than that if you’re making at your day job ten percent is twelve thousand and in the year for people who are aged and under the maximum employee sa