Best Things About Sonicare Toothbrush Heads E Series

So that so that blue green one is the sonicare toothbrush heads e series  original and you can see the various differences now I really like this sauna Mart one because it’s it’s the closest to the original though it has more of a medium type bristle and this one has more of a soft type.

Bristle have all Sonicare Toothbrush Heads E Series  of these in the description area of this video so you know which ones to actually buy and this one is suna tech but hopefully you could see right now just from the zoomed in view you know some of the quality of it I really like this sauna Mart one because.


It comes the closest to the actual philips sonicare original and these are about two dollars apiece while these philips ones are usually if you if you could get them for sale you could probably get them for or so apiece and let me go ahead and try to zoom in a little bit more so.

You can see the bristles let me show them but from the side and even this particular one from the side so you could tell and you’ll notice the one in the middle here this sauna Mart one has sort of different heights on all three different or all three angles so low so let me.

Sonicare Toothbrush Heads E Series Just show you the angle of it and this is much better of course then the computer generated so this one I’ve used a little bit which which is why you you see that’s the shape of it and you know this once again is the original so I’m really going to compare.

These two because these two are the worthwhile ones to actually view and let me show you how to act how it’s actually put on on the toothbrush so this is the Sunnah marked and this one is the sunnah tek and once again I’ll have all of these in the description areas links to Amazon.

Where I actually got these exact ones and let me take this off and I’ll show you you know these are the bottoms of them and you know they merely you know just fit on and actually let me just show you this original so the original has the metal piece but it doesn’t make a big difference yeah hopefully yeah read more  Sonicare Toothbrush Heads E Series