The Fact of dental insurance no waiting period

I dental insurance no waiting period get into that I want to ask you something I was only a website and I saw this thing called the lioness principle and I’ve heard .

a few other people mentioned that also can you tell us a little bit about .

  • The dental insurance no waiting period lioness principle and and also the way you named your business because it again is called lion speak right so .
  • If you can kind of shed some light on that Before we jump into I’ll be creative yeah well I would love to say that it’s because we’re.
  • My birthday falls is in the zodiac of Leo but I think that was just a happy happy stance where.
  • That really came from is one day I was watching a Discovery Channel program which was about how lionesses teach.

Their cubs to hunt which of course is the one skill they need to survive and thrive and it took you.

  • Through these seven stages that scientists have determined that she takes her cubs through to move .
  • Them from being dependent upon her for their life to being completely independent from her and she.
  • Has to do that in a very short window of time and she has to do it you know really within .
  • A very hostile environment so so she’s very strategic about how she does it and we’ve used that we do use those seventh stages or seven steps .

When we teach our leadership our personal leadership workshops when we we work with you know new office managers to get them.

The skills they need those kinds of things we even use it in our train-the-trainer.

When we’re training people how to how to be a better teacher and an educator and trainer so we use those steps but like anything the more we teach something ourselves the deeper .

We learn it and that definitely happened to us with this idea around the lioness principle the lioness principle actually evolved after teaching both seven steps so much that what

We began to realize is while those steps are very powerful and they serve a purpose the truth is she’s actually not teaching them to hunt because she doesn’t need to lioness is just like every mammal including humans on the planet are born with the instincts that