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Know humana dental insurance your codes you need to humana dental insurance get savvy you need to know deadlines right.

humana dental insurance
humana dental insurance
  • The sand about insurance and expect to get paid you you know that’s like that’s like being going out for .
  • A football team and nobody having a playbook and expecting everyone to be able to run to .
  • The right end zone or you know be in the right positions well they’re good
  • I was gonna say also the getting informed you need to understand that just because you hired someone
  • That experience doesn’t mean they actually have been trained in
  • This because so many this this section of the business of dentistry is such.

A murky area that you if you hired someone with experience you need to still provide training if you

Want it done right you don’t know what the previous office did and if the previous office did it right did it well did it with your kinds of insurance plans .

I mean did some come from an HMO and your POP did someone come from kikyo and and you have.

A lot of Medicaid you still absolutely you still need to do your own due diligence and do training and then get efficient .

I had a cute picture there I don’t know why it’s not coming up but get efficient you know Sheree says something all.

The time rework is so much less expensive than we were I love that quote that she says and it’s so.

True so getting efficient means doing training beginning and forms having documented processing systems so where do you find.

The time where do you find experts or where do you find all the information well this is where we want to let you know we are having a course here’s the