Simple way to Known About Dental Helps.


When we understand that  concept then every tasks that we do it makes a difference  because our ultimate goal is to help our patients live longer and live a better  life and so then with every task if I understand the why why is it important to make sure I’m trying to get my  patients and when they’re overdue on their dental insurance nc we care why is it important that we sit down and talk to the patients  about their treatment and explain all their options to them.

Why is it important that we handle the money with the patients before they come and get  the treatment well the ultimate reason is so they’ll show up because if they don’t show up we’re not gonna be able to help our patients so I would say it  starts with really kind of recognizing what we do and what our patients think we do right and that they’re not in line necessarily and then why everything we  do along the way the ultimate goal is to help our patients it’s to help them get dentistry done because we are their health care provider nobody else is looking out for this part  of their you know.

You know mouth body connection besides us and so we need to take that seriously and then understand every step along the way how we play into doing  that for our patients so so you’re saying that it shouldn’t be talking to your staff about we have to get to twenty-five hundred dollars an hour in production right yeah I mean you can you should have goals I mean we have goals dental helps we keep we keep track of you know amounts presented amount accepted we keep track of and and ultimately we’re a business and you know you need to know your numbers but when we look at presented and accepted.

What our patients accept each day it’s all that  is this represents how many people were helping and if we’re doing it just for the numbers and we don’t understand the purpose behind it then you’re probably not hitting your goals because you’re you’re going at it for the wrong reason yeah I get the misnomer of people  thinking that because the name of my company is Dennis metrics that all I care about is the numbers in the revenue and the expenses and guys I’ll tell ya the longer I do this the more you know a parent it is that you know the numbers are results I told me a long time you know the term  is key performance indicator.